Architectural Services

1.00 Preparation
2.00 Design
3.00 Construction Information
4.00 Tender Action
5.00 Construction Work
6.00 After Hand Over
1.00 Preparation
  • Visit the property and carry out an initial appraisal
  • Assist the Client in preparing Client’s requirements
  • Identify alternative solutions for the project
  • Advise on the need for consultants (for example a structural engineer)
  • Advise if the Local Authority should be consulted prior to preparing drawings
  • Survey and prepare drawings of the site and buildings
  • Arrange for the investigation of soil or structural conditions

2.00 Design
  • Prepare a preliminary design for discussion with the Client
  • Consult the local authority planning department if appropriate
  • Develop the final design for agreement
  • Prepare an approximate estimate of cost for Client information and approval
  • Prepare and submit an application for planning permission
  • Prepare and submit an application for listed building and conservation area consent if applicable

3.00 Construction Information
  • Co-ordinate and integrate any designs provided by others
  • Prepare drawings and other information required for construction
  • Prepare and submit an application for Building Regulations approval
  • Prepare a Specification and Schedule of Works
  • Advise on an appropriate form of building contract

4.00 Tender Action
  • Prepare documents and other information required for tendering purposes
  • Advise on builders to be invited to tender for the work
  • Invite, appraise and report on returned tenders

5.00 Construction Work
  • Advise on the appointment of a builder
  • Prepare the building contract and arrange for it to be signed
  • Provide the builder with the information required for construction
  • Visit the site to inspect the progress and quality of the works and administer the terms of the contract
  • Certify payments for work carried out or completed
  • Provide or obtain record drawings showing the building and its services and give general advice on maintenance

6.00 After Hand Over
  • Make final inspections and arrange for the correction of any defects
  • Agree the final account and issue a final certificate